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Boat charter, bareboat charter, rental, or boat tour?

Sailing in great wind

A charter, bareboat charter, boat rental, and boat tour are all different ways of experiencing a boat, each with its own level of inclusiveness and experience. 


A charter usually refers to the rental of a boat with a crew, which may include a captain, crew members, and other staff. The charter company provides everything needed for the trip, including food, drinks, fuel, and safety equipment. This type of rental is ideal for those who want a luxurious, stress-free sailing experience without having to worry about operating the boat.

Bareboat Charters

A bareboat charter is a rental agreement that allows you to rent a boat without a crew. This type of charter is designed for experienced sailors who are comfortable operating the boat themselves. Bareboat charters typically include basic safety equipment and navigation aids, but the renter is responsible for everything else, including provisioning the boat, fueling up, and navigating the waterways.

Boat Rentals

A boat rental refers to the simple rental of a boat, typically for a short period of time, such as an afternoon or a day. Boat rentals usually come with little or no crew or additional services provided, and the renter is responsible for all aspects of the trip, from fueling up to navigating the waterways. This is a good option for those who want to explore the waterways at their own pace and have some boating experience.

Boat Tours

A boat tour is a guided excursion on a boat, typically with a captain or tour guide. Boat tours may be short or long and can be educational or leisurely. Boat tours are often booked per seat and not an entire boat. This type of activity is a great option for those who want to learn about the history or wildlife of an area while enjoying a scenic boat ride.

While all of these options involve the use of a boat, the differences lie in the level of service provided, the level of experience required, and the type of activity involved.

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